Hadrat Dr. Mohammad Ismail Memon Madani was born in 1935 in a small town, known as Mangrole, in Junagadh state, India. After the partition of the Indian subcontinent, his family moved to Pakistan and settled in Karachi.

His quest for knowledge began while a young student. While completing his formal education in Medicine at the Dow Medical College, he also learned the Arabic language and other religious subjects at Darul-Uloom Karachi. In 1961, he completed his study of medicine and shortly thereafter, migrated to Saudi Arabia to serve as the official Medical Officer.

He was a sincere student of the prominent late Shaykh al-Hadith, Shaykh Zakariyya rahmatullahi alaih who taught many Islamic Sciences in Madinah Munawarrah for almost 10 years. Hadrat Dr. Ismail’s regular attendance and devotion to his teacher quickly made him one of Shaykh Zakariyya’s beloved students.

In 1967, he received Ijazah for Bai’ah from Shaykh Zakariyya rahmatullahi alaih He also had close friendship with the late Shaykh Abul Hassan Ali Nadwi rahmatullahi alaih.

He migrated from Madinah Munawwarah to Canada with the intention of establishing an Islamic Educational Institution in 1986. After five years of hard work and struggle, he succeeded, with the blessing of Almighty Allah, in establishing the Darul-Uloom Al-Madania in Buffalo, New York. Presently, he has given up his practice of Medicine and keeps himself busy with the affairs of Darul-Uloom and the work of Deen.