Madania Publications works with the largest Islamic educational Institution in North America Darul-Uloom Al-Madania to present high quality authentic Islamic publications to the English speaking world.

Our Philosophy:

Success for today’s Muslims can only be found through studying the Quran and Hadith as has been preserved through 1400 years of Islamic Scholarship.  The Prophet Muhammad (Peace be Upon Him) has taught that the “Scholars are the inheritors of the Prophets.” We hope to make accessible the treasure of knowledge the Prophet (Peace be Upon Him) has left by presenting the works of contemporary traditional scholars, written to address the needs of today’s Muslims.

Our Authors:

We provide original works as well as translations of popular texts written by:

  • Shaykh Muhammad Zakariyya Kandhalvi
  • Hadrat Dr. Mohammad Ismail Memon Madani
  • Shaykh Ibrahim Madani
  • Shaykh Asim Ahmad